March 4th Newsletter

Learning Community Day

March 8th students will be out of school as teachers/educators participate in a learning community day.

Speak Off on March 15th

Our 5th annual speech competition is underway! Every third grade student at SES is researching a career pathway and preparing a speech for his/her class based on that career.  One classroom winner will be chosen to move on to the second round.  On March 15th, these classroom winners will deliver their speech to the 2nd & 3rd grade, as well as compete for a runner up trophy and an overall champion trophy.  Join us for the excitement.  We wish all of our students good luck!   

Easter Lunch for 1st Grade Parents

Our Easter lunch will be April 10th for the 1st grade parents.  The menu will be the same for all three grades but we only inviting the 1st grade parents.  3rd grade parents were invited to the Thanksgiving lunch and 2nd grade parents were invited to the Christmas lunch.  Due to the limited seating, we ask that only the 1st grade parents/grandparents/guardians come.  Preregistration paperwork will be sent home in the near future.

Spring Break

Spring Break for Simpson County schools is planned for April 1-5

Box Tops and Coke Codes

March 23rd is the next day to have all the box tops and coke codes turned into your child’s homeroom teacher.  Thank you to all that have participated.  Winners were Ms. McBrayer, Mrs. A. Jones and Mrs. Curtis.

Picture Day

School picture day is Thursday, March 7th.  Don’t wear green!

President’s Day

President’s Day will be observed  on February 18, 2019.  School will not be in session.

Mark your calendar, upcoming dates from PTO

*Memories With Mom, March 22, 2019

Internet Safety - Caution - Please Read


As some of you may have heard there is a new "challenge" called the "MoMo Challenge" that has recently surfaced and is being used to target children in a harmful way. "MoMo" is a disturbing character that has been placed in ads in children's videos on YouTube, Social Media, and inside the Whatsapp. In a nut shell the "MoMo Challenge" features a scary looking lady that challenges students/viewers to perform certain acts that would cause harm to them or others. The challenges start off small and then increase in severity. For example, watch a scary movie, harm your body, to even committing suicide. Please be aware, this challenge has been spotted embedded as ads in harmless children's YouTube videos. We have had a few students at SES talk about "MoMo" and want to make sure that all families are aware of the potential threat to their children. 


Please take a moment to view the linked article below. The article discusses what the challenge is, why are kids choosing to do the challenge, how parents can talk to their kids about the challenge, what parents should do, and more. Please take time to read over the article to better inform yourself on how we can help our students be safe.