Franklin-Simpson Middle School

Hello Middle School Parents/Guardians!!

This is Jaxon Grover, principal of Franklin-Simpson Middle School. We are very happy to be starting a new school year with our that will be as close to normal as we have seen in years! Heading into 2022-2023, our goal is to provide a safe learning environment for our students to learn as we prepare them for high school. We have a lot of great things happening at our school, including the implementation of new curricular resources in almost all core subject areas as well as the incorporation of ICU as a tool to keep students/families informed of missing assignments. In addition, we have many new teachers eager to work with our students and to help continue the tradition of excellence here at Franklin-Simpson Middle School.

Attached ( you will find information regarding some back to school practices and procedures we will be utilizing at the beginning of the year.  Please take a quick moment to look over these items and discuss with your student(s).  Teachers will be taking time from their classes during the first few days of school to help students in all capacities, from learning their schedules, ensuring proper transportation plans are in place, knowing schoolwide expectations, etc.  Our teachers are dedicated to making sure that each of our students feels comfortable and confident as we begin our journey into 2022-2023.  

We want our PARENTS/GUARDIANS to feel the same way, so please make sure you are aware of the following dates:

  • August 2nd/3rd - District Registration

  • August 15th - OPEN HOUSE (more information will be sent out soon)

  • August 17th - First Day of School for Students 

As I know you are, I am a BIG believer in our students, our teachers, and our school.  I expect great things this year, and am committed to making sure our students and their families have everything they need to be successful.  As your principal, I always want to be available to you if you have any questions or concerns.  Please feel free to contact our school at 270-586-4401 if you would ever like to speak with me and/or set up a meeting.  I look forward to working with everyone, and can't wait to see what our amazing students will be able to accomplish this year!

Thank you,

Jaxon Grover                                                                                                 Principal, Franklin-Simpson Middle School