Hello Simpson County Schools Family
I want to update you as we move forward with plans for the 2020-2021 school year. Tonight the SCS Board of Education approved that SCS will begin utilizing a Hybrid schedule, or what some refer to as A/B, when we return to school on October 12th after fall break. Your student will be attending on either BLUE days (Monday and Wednesday) or WHITE days (Tuesday and Thursday). Virtual learning will continue on their off days and Fridays. 

The students that enrolled for all virtual will remain in the virtual learning setting full time. The Hybrid model is for those students who have requested in person learning. However, if you have changed your mind and feel that a switch is in the best interest of your student, you have until Tuesday September 22nd at 3:00pm to inform the school of your intentions. 

We will begin by dividing the students into groups alphabetically A-J on Blue days and K-Z on White days. This will be the starting point, but we realize we have households that have students with different last names that would be on separate days. Those households will need to be moved to the same day. We are working to develop a plan for the exact day those households will be attending. If you feel that you have a unique circumstance that we need to be aware of, we ask that you contact the principal at your student’s school and make them aware. 

Simpson Co. Schools will continue to feed all of our students regardless of the setting that your student chooses to attend. 

I realize there are many more questions that you will have moving forward, but I wanted to go ahead and give you the basic framework that we will be working from to develop this plan. 

The ultimate goal is to get our students back in school and return to a normal setting as we knew it before March 13th. However, we want to return in the safest way possible and in a way that is sustainable. We will do our best to answer every question as quickly as possible, but please understand that sometimes getting those answers takes time because we want to get it right. 

Be Patient- Be Flexible - Be Kind

Take Care,

Tim Schlosser